training : microsoft powerpoint

Available Versions

Training on Microsoft PowerPoint is available in the following versions:

  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2016 / 365
  • PowerPoint Web App
  • PowerPoint Mobile App
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Learn how to create a simple, effective slide show presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.  This beginning class will cover the basics including adding bullets, images, tables, and charts to your slides using built-in templates and slide layouts. We will demonstrate running the slideshow for an audience and using PowerPoint’s “presenter mode” feature. We’ll also briefly touch on features printing, including transitions and animation.   (Recommended Time: 2 Hours)

making slides look great

After you've learned the essential features of PowerPoint, take your slide design skills to the next level and master the use of font, paragraph, and shape formatting. We'll cover how to control and customize text bullets, alter margins and line spacing, and all kinds of other features that will help you fine-tune your slides for maximum impact.

animation, transitions, music, and video

Slides don't have to be static! Learn how to include animation, transitions, music, and video in your slides to make them more informative and interesting.

communicating data effectively

Make your next presentation shine after learning how to best offer data (charts and tables) to your audience with ease. This hands-on class will have you creating, editing, and formatting charts and tables within PowerPoint. Other topics include the best practices when copying and pasting from Excel, adding annotations (text, arrows, circles, etc.) and animating them, and techniques on keeping it simple.

mastering the delivery

Not everyone does great in front of an audience, but this class can help. Attendees will learn everything they need to deliver a great slideshow in front of an audience using PowerPoint's delivery features. We'll cover Presenter Mode (which is like a cheat-sheet for speakers), online delivery tips, the use of remote controls, special keystrokes, and other technical tips and best practices. We'll also review Public Speaking 101 and talk about what makes an effective delivery, touching on confidence, audience participation, goal-setting, and more.

working with the company template

This crash-course in PowerPoint is designed for everyone who's used the program but never had formal training. You'll learn the tricks, the best-practices, and a few hidden features that make creating slideshows easy. We'll specifically cover the use of the your official company template and its variety of design layout options and they can be used to create a great-looking presentation with ease.