services : database development

service description

Have you outgrown your spreadsheet solution? Do you need to move to something more robust?  Do you need some changes made to your existing Microsoft Access database?  Or maybe you need something created from scratch.  Find out how Applied Office can bring order to your data.


Database development is available on a per-hour basis, billed hourly. 

Development projects can take anywhere from just a few hours to months to complete; therefore, Applied Office will need to have a very thorough understanding of your project before I can give you a cost estimate.

why applied office?

Database services from Applied Office provide the following benefits to your organization:

End-User Design - I know that databases are only successful if they are easy for end-users.  With that in mind, I design programs from users’ perspective and with their input.

Experience - I have been working as a developer in Applied Office since 1998, and extensively since 2005. Over that time I have created created applications for invoicing, contact management, home development, leads tracking, dispatch, and more.  I have a User Specialist / Master certificate in all Microsoft Office applications, including Access.

Program Tie-Ins - With my knowledge of the entire Office suite, my applications can tie in to Word, Excel, Outlook, and even PowerPoint.

Eye for Design - Applied Office can incorporate my design services into your database as well.  I am skilled at creating great-looking reports that can match your existing invoices, letterhead, and image.